As unique as those use use it.
No two labs are identical — so PATHX, by design, adapts to your lab and the way you work, taking into account that you may have a seasoned professional performing data entry one day, while a novice does it the next. PATHX makes the transition easy, ensuring timely data entry and accuracy by intuitively learning what information should go where.


PATHX is endlessly customizable, offering flexible reporting designed to meet the needs of entire laboratories and the most demanding users. For example, some clinicians expect to see annotated organ maps, microscopic or gross images, tables or histograms along with medical reference information. Others may prefer a more simplified report. PATHX meets all expectations and preferences by offering personalized service from a system that is completely automated.

Once your results are electronically signed out, you can have them fed directly into your EMR/EHR or practice management system. Alternately, they can be delivered through the web, email, fax or our newest method, the PATHX mobile app. Now, accessing your path reports can be as easy as picking up your smart phone. With advanced features including text message notification, referring physicians can immediately be notified upon case closure.

PATHX is so versatile; it is perfectly suited to serve the needs of smaller boutique labs, as well as busy, multi-site facilities handling up to 10,000 accessions per day.