Chart a path to profitability with PATHX. If you are considering an upgrade to your LIS system, changing to PATHX is just one click away, and our highly trained team will make your transition easy. Not only will your lab enjoy all of its innovative features and workflow enhancements, you will also enjoy PATHX’s refined ability to quickly and efficiently convert your path reports to revenue.


PATHX’s advanced billing support, with automated coding and vendor-specific fee schedules, has been designed to create efficiencies specifically geared towards avoiding payor denials and getting claims paid as quickly as possible. PATHX’s incredible ability to streamline the cash flow process means more focus can be placed on the crucial aspects of running a lab, servicing existing client relationships and marketing to new clients.


Here are just a few of the benefits of billing and reporting with PATHX:

• Increased cash flow cycle and reductions in claim denial rates;

• Enhanced notification and “scrubbing” of patient data, isolating incorrect or missing information prior to submitting the claims;

• Timely and accurate reporting for claims billed and received by patient, case or individual CPT; and

• Detailed management and revenue reports by physician or by payor.


When coupled with PIMS’ renowned billing service, PATHX can be your gateway to even greater efficiencies.

PIMS’ highly experienced team of certified coders, billing professionals and managed care specialists are industry leaders in the collection of anatomic, clinical and molecular pathology charges. PIMS’ Certified Procedural Coders (CPCs) are certified though AAPC and PAHCS. Our coders provide verification services to your practice, and confirm that you have correctly coded your charges PRIOR to claim submission. We take this responsibility seriously to ensure codes are submitted correctly the first time; this vastly improves the time it takes to resolve a claim. We fully understand that implications of inadvertent over-coding and incomplete or inaccurate coding are severe:

  • Inadvertent over-coding or under-coding can be misconstrued as fraudulent activity
  • Incomplete or inaccurate coding can significantly decrease your revenue stream

PIMS maintains compliance with current American Medical Association (AMA) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) coding guidelines. Each coder applies proper modifier application for maximum reimbursement and stays consistent with National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edits. All of PIMS’ coders are audited on a regular basis, ensuring accurate representation of the services performed to maximize charge capture for your practice.