At PATHX, we fully understand that your lab is focused on more than just patient reports and information processing. For most pathology labs, primary concerns include responsible delivery of care, effective use of resources, wise business management and maximizing the value derived from technological investments. You will quickly learn that we created PATHX with all of this in mind.

PATHX was developed in 2004 by Physicians Independent Management Services®  (PIMS) — a full-service medical billing and practice management services company. We recognized that pathology labs needed LIS services that went far beyond what most software companies could provide. So, we developed PATHX with the guidance and active participation of pathologists, medical professionals and software engineers.

Our goal was to create a powerful and innovative laboratory software package designed to increase speed and accuracy by automating workflow requirements, creating efficiencies where other systems failed. PATHX offers so many options for customization that it may seem as if it was created just for you and the intricacies of your lab.

We encourage you to find out more about the most powerful new tool set for anatomic and molecular pathology and chart a new path to success, with PATHX.


Physicians Independent
Management Services, Inc.